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Supporting Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky

In honor of National Buzzard’s Day (March 15), the Buzzard’s Roost team recently visited Louisville’s Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky and made an on-going donation to help raise awareness towards Raptor Rehab’s work with injured and orphaned birds of prey.

Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky, which started in 1990, treats about 300 birds each year with a goal to get most of them healthy enough to go back into the wild. The birds that stay at the facility long-term are there for their own protection. A dedicated volunteer staff and the generosity of supporters help ensure the daily care of the animals. All donated funds go towards food or medical costs, including surgeries, prescriptions, antibiotics, and wound treatments.

We recently learned that 95% of the injuries inflicted on the birds are the result of human causes such as car accidents, barbed wire fencing, lead poisoning, or even the pesticides used on farmland. These birds, especially buzzards, are misunderstood creatures who contribute so much to our ecosystem. We were happy to help in some way.


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