Secondary Barrels are the Secret Behind Buzzard’s Roost’s Rich Flavor

Leo Weekly recently featured Buzzard’s Roost in their highlight of whiskeys aged in secondary barrels. 

The article notes the unique process in which Buzzard’s Roost is carefully and skillfully made. 

Though most whiskeys absorb their flavor from the barrels, it is Buzzard’s Roost’s secondary barrelling that really sets them apart. 

Buzzard’s Roost starts their process with thoughtfully selecting and then seasoning secondary barrels. Meticulous attention to detail during the barreling process ensures an ethereal warmth in each sip of Buzzard’s Roost. 

Check out what Leo Weekly had to say for yourselves and keep an eye out for the upcoming release of Buzzard’s Roost toasted barrel expression this Fall.



We're currently available in the state of Kentucky. If you would like to see Buzzard's Roost in your state, drop us a line at or use the contact form.

Live slowly. Roost responsibly. 
Buzzard's Roost Sippin' Whiskeys, Bottled at no less than 52.5% ABV
Louisville, KY 


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