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Buzzard’s Roost Releases its First Bourbon

We tapped into our Kentucky roots, and we are excited to introduce Buzzard’s Roost Straight Bourbon Whiskey. With a proof of 114, Buzzard’s Roost Straight Bourbon Whiskey was created from a blend of four to six-year-old whiskeys that were then aged in our lightly charred, one-of-a-kind, proprietary oak barrels.

With a deep amber color, Buzzard’s Roost Straight Bourbon Whiskey is filled with flavor that compliments any cocktail and is also great for enjoying straight.

To the nose, Buzzard’s Roost Straight Bourbon whiskey evokes aromas of caramel, dark chocolate and baking spices with a slight hint of perfectly seasoned oak. The palate gives way to an explosion of sweetness highlighted by vanilla and coconut at the mid palate. All the way through, the sweetness is accompanied by a rich blast of maraschino cherry and citrus worthy of the finest old fashioned. The finish is a perfect marriage of structure and heat. The cherry and citrus fade away to a lingering presentation of coconut and confection with some spice to keep it company along the way.

Master Blender, Jason Brauner, has long been a champion of the bourbon industry and creating a bourbon of his own has been a dream of his since he first opened his own bourbon bar. Buzzard’s Roost Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a tribute to Brauner’s passion and dedication to the bourbon industry.

Buzzard’s Roost has prided itself on being a bourbon lover’s rye, and this latest release of Buzzard’s Roost Straight Bourbon Whiskey has been a longtime coming. Buzzard’s Roost Straight Bourbon Whiskey is the seventh release of Buzzard’s Roost and is an indicator of more exciting and innovative whiskies to come.

Buzzard’s Roost Straight Bourbon Whiskey is available in Kentucky and Massachusetts and has an MSRP of $85.

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