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Buzzard’s Roost Releases Char #1 Bourbon and Toasted American Oak Bourbon

In celebration of three years of making exceptional whiskeys, Buzzard’s Roost is excited to add not one, but two new bourbons to our collection! Char #1 Bourbon and Toasted American Oak Bourbon are the latest and greatest in the Buzzard’s Roost bourbon assortment.

Char #1 Bourbon offers tantalizing aromas of brown sugar, cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla. The palate is a perfect blend of flavor and structure, with woody notes that are matched with cherry and dark fruit notes. This new bourbon is created from 4-year-old whiskey, then aged in our proprietary, Char level #1 barrels. With a mashbill of 59% corn, 36% rye, and 5 % malted barley, Char #1 Bourbon has an SRP of $50.

Like our Char #1 Bourbon, our Toasted American Oak Bourbon is one standout bourbon. The nose lends itself to caramel, coconut and vanilla notes met with delicate candy aromas, and the palate moves from the sweet notes from the toasted oak barrel finish, and notes of confectionary and baking spice flavors. This unique whiskey is made from a blend of 4- and 5- year old double-barreled bourbon. Toasted American Oak Bourbon is formed from a blend of two different mash bills and has an SRP of $75.

Pick up a bottle of Char #1 Bourbon and Toasted American Oak Bourbon and explore the rich flavors of Buzzard’s Roost

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