Jason Brauner

Jason Brauner is a native of Louisville Kentucky and has been on the whiskey scene for well over two decades...long before Bourbon was cool. Jason's long standing Louisville restaurant, Bourbon's Bistro, opened in 2005, but the idea for a world class Bourbon bar began back in 2001. To educate people about the product is what he set out to do. Jason was one of the first in the industry to purchase entire barrels of whiskey and have it bottled for his restaurant. Jason's first pick from Four Roses was the second barrel that Four Roses ever privately bottled. Since then Jason has developed a reputation for selecting some of the finest barrels from the world's finest distilleries. Jason's love of Bourbon has lead him down some interesting roads but it ultimately had to end up here, 14 years later after opening Bourbon's Bistro, with the creation of Buzzard's Roost Sippin' Whiskeys.

"Whiskey has been my passion for decades and I am glad it has come to this point. I truly hope you enjoy these whiskeys."

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